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Designing a Senior Diversity Officer Position and Coaching

Designing a Senior Diversity Officer (SDO) position and then coaching that officer in maneuvering a complex campus/work environment for diversity by elucidating the: 1) political nature of the work; 2) critical components of relationship-building; 3) importance of developing a vision and strategic plan; and 4) other dimensions of thriving and succeeding in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Practicing diversity and inclusiveness on college campuses can be a daunting task particularly if you are a diversity officer, often charged with “solving” issues related to diversity for an entire institution. The work challenges include such issues as politics, strategic planning, visioning, and intergroup conflict. The interpersonal challenges involve self-care, staff development, relationship-building, work-life balance, and multiple other issues.


Our coaching services are designed to prepare diversity personnel to address the challenges outlined above and maximize success as a leader in diversity and inclusion strategies. We can coach on-line or in person.

Additionally, we specialize in assisting institutions in intensive preparation for the selection of a diversity officer by completing a comprehensive assessment of an institution's needs. Over the last two years, we have provided two organizations respectively with individualized 165-plus page reports on their D&I needs in relation to and in preparation for the hiring of a Senior Diversity Officer.

Comprehensive assessment of an organization's needs in relation to D&I and the hiring of an SDO. Guidance and recommendations in understanding the role and expectations of diversity officers; improving skills in dealing with the politics of diversity, resistance, and intergroup conflict; developing strategic planning and visioning skills; managing the dynamics of conducting and applying outcomes of campus climate assessments; exploring self-care strategies for D&I workers; and developing community-building skills and techniques.

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Designing and Coaching for Success

Maneuvering Complex Climates for Diversity

Challenges of Being an SDO

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