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Consulting in the Design of Chief Diversity Officer Positions and Related Inclusive Excellence Infrastructures                                                                

As the nation continues to grapple with issues of political polarization, changing campus demographics, race, sexual discrimination and assault, immigration reform, sexual orientation, intergroup conflict, and other matters related to differences, these challenges are spilling onto college campuses. Add to this the challenges of civil discourse, and it becomes quite evident that universities are experiencing a new level of turmoil. In response, higher education institutions are employing specialists in higher education to address the issues highlighted above. Known as Chief Diversity Officers (CDO, and this author prefers Senior Diversity Officer [SDO], out of respect for Native Americans), these individuals are skilled and experienced practitioners with the backgrounds and proficiencies to help guide universities through the complicated morass of diversity issues.


As colleges and universities begin the process of establishing SDO positions, The LinD Group can assist in the conceptualization and design of such roles, as well as an inclusive excellence infrastructure and plan prior to the arrival of that diversity administrator. To that end, each institution receives a comprehensive, practical, hands-on report and blueprint for implementing a diversity and inclusion plan with the goal of creating an Inclusive Excellence university for the 21st century. Additionally, each institution receives a peer institutional analysis, and an institutional web assessment, designed to identify the locus of diversity work on each campus. We invite you to contact us as you strengthen and develop a vision and plan for the advancement of diversity and inclusion on your campus.

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