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Higher Education

Inclusive Excellence (I.E.) is a strategy for countering institutional “isms” by embedding diversity and inclusion into all aspects and dimensions of a university and dispersing responsibility for diversity to everyone. Our services are designed to prepare campus leaders and diversity personnel to implement and practice Inclusive Excellence (I.E.) across their institution and community.

For decades higher education researchers have posited that bias, discrimination, and inequalities on college campuses are a fundamental structural part of an institution of higher learning.  That is, these issues are deeply and systemically embedded into the fabric of many colleges and universities. The current model for addressing campus diversity issues is to concentrate all diversity responsibilities in a Senior Diversity Officer or an Office for Diversity with most other units and personnel getting excused from doing diversity work. 


Inclusive Excellence is a cultural and structural transformation approach that aims to create institutions that operate as a system with everyone working to achieve diverse and inclusive environments ultimately leading to promotion of equity and the preparation of students for leading in a highly diverse society and world. 

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