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Advisory Basis

The Leadership in Diversity Group also provides diversity and inclusion consulting services on an advisory retainer basis.

Our services are ideal for short-term projects, timely DEI issues , proposal and diversity statement writing, and long-term, ongoing initiatives.

Clients are provided with and pay as- needed access to our DEI knowledge, experience, expertise, and tools.

Pay As Needed

DEI Advisory Retainer Services

  • Diversity and inclusion statements

  • Diversity plans

  • Grant proposals focusing on diversity and inclusion

  • Implementing the practice of Inclusive Excellence

  • Timely diversity and inclusion issues

  • Web-scan analysis

  • Communication during a crisis

  • Messaging and branding

  • Diversity and inclusion models, programs, and initiatives

  • Conflict management and de-escalation related to diversity

  • Using diversity as an asset

  • Setting up and managing intergroup dialogues

Short and Long-term

Below are examples of areas and issues appropriate
for retainer services:


Examples of Services

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