Our specialized services include workshops and programs that can be tailored to higher education, business, or government settings. One of those specialized services is implicit bias training. Contact us to see how we can meet your diversity and inclusion needs.

Implicit Bias Training

Implicit bias impacts multiple sectors of an institution at a cost to the mission, goals, values, and personnel of the organization. Recruiting, hiring, workplace climate, interpersonal relations, clientele, marketing, and the profit margin are but a few areas of an enterprise negatively impacted by implicit bias. Thus, training employees and management in understanding, recognizing, and working against implicit bias is critical to the functioning of an institution.


The Leadership in Diversity (LinD) Group applies a social-psychological training approach to implicit bias focusing on group dynamics, identities, and behavior as the foundation of unconscious discrimination. Stated differently, people’s group identities carry schemas about others that factor into daily decision-making, problem-solving, and intergroup interactions. The workshop and training is designed to get individuals to understand themselves, the groups to which they belong, and the mental models that often lead to discrimination and bias. Using an interactive, hands-on, non-defensive approach to the topic, this workshop exposes participants to implicit bias using concrete examples, specific scenarios, and practical approaches to counter implicit bias.


Learning outcomes for participants of the workshop include: 1) understanding the dynamics of group identities; 2) understanding the sources of implicit bias; 3) the negative impact of unconscious bias on workplace dimensions and interactions; and 4) strategies for proactively and positively countering implicit bias.

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