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 Specializing in the Development and Strengthening of Multicultural/Cross- cultural Student Centers on College Campuses                                                 

As the former director/developer of the Arizona State University Intergroup Relations Center, the Center for Multicultural Excellence at the University of Denver, the Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence at the University of Arizona, and the Center for Diversity and Community at the University of South Dakota, one of my specialties as the SEO/SDO of The Leadership in Diversity (LinD) Group is consulting in the development and strengthening of multicultural/ cross-cultural student centers (MSCs) on college campuses. The consulting work is ideal for campuses that are seeking to re-envision and reconceptualize MSCs into 21st-century entities that are the locus of: 1) intragroup and intergroup activities; 2) asset-based approaches to diverse student support; 3) identity and leadership development; 4) collaboration; and 5) increased university-wide inclusion.


Our most recent clients, the University of Redlands and Wright State University, contracted The LinD Group to undertake a comprehensive review of their multicultural student centers, as well as the diversity infrastructure, for each institution. The latter was designed to assess and recommend a larger diversity and inclusion plan to support multicultural student efforts, as well as cultural, structural transformation of the institution. The scope of work entailed living on campus for between four to ten weeks, meeting with an array of participants to strengthen the assessment, and a thorough review of pertinent systems. In the end, each institution received a comprehensive, 165-plus-page, practical, hands-on report and blueprint for moving a diversity and inclusion plan and creating an Inclusive Excellence university for the 21st century.

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