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Government/Non-profit Agencies

Non-Profit Agencies

Given the important services that they engage in for the public good, government/non-profit agencies need to be attentive to the issues and opportunities that diversity and inclusion present. This is especially important because of the demographic shifts that are occurring in communities across the United States and elsewhere.


Preparing executive leadership and staff to understand the evolving, highly diverse communities in which they work is essential for the success of today's government/non-profit organizations. In addition, learning about the diversity of staff and volunteers and the resources that they offer in the form of their backgrounds, languages, cultures, experiences, and world-views is critical for leading contemporary agencies.

Inclusive Excellence (I.E.) is a strategy for transforming government/non-profit agencies into diversity and inclusion systems working together to utilize diversity as a resource. This will result in improved client services, a diverse and welcoming workplace environment, and the consistent identification and development of talent. 


The LinD Group can assist non-profit agencies in addressing their strategic planning and professional diversity and inclusiveness development needs.

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