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   Selection of Chief Diversity Officer:
What We Offer   

  • Informing about the systemic nature of bias, discrimination, and marginalization 

  • Educating about the Inclusive Excellence systemic approach to diversity and inclusion 

  • Identifying institutional systems that have the capacity to promote diversity and inclusion across the campus

  • Advising on the roles, responsibilities, and practice of a Senior Diversity Officer

  • Developing a report that outlines an infrastructure for deploying Inclusive Excellence across the campus

  • Identifying strategies for embedding diversity and inclusion into institutional systems (e.g., marketing, tenure, curriculum development, hiring, recruitment, institutional research, and organizational assessments)

  • Explaining the Inclusive Excellence appraisal manual

  • Facilitating workshops to increase diversity and inclusion awareness and cultural competence

  • Offering Inclusive Excellence professional development for senior leadership

  • Presenting Inclusive Excellence principles in a keynote address (upon request)

  • Offering specific Inclusive Excellence strategies that meet campus diversity and inclusion challenges

  • Providing examples of how to embed diversity and inclusion into campus-wide operations and systems

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