Diversity Programs

Intergroup Dialogue Program and Professional Development 

Intergroup dialogue programs on college campuses have a history of success as part of college and university diversity awareness portfolios. These initiatives structure positive interaction between diverse groups of students using dialogues with the objective of creating greater understanding about issues of diversity. There are different intergroup dialogue models operating in higher education for students and staff. The Voices of Discovery framework is one such model that maximizes faculty support of the program and student participation in the dialogue groups. 


The LinD Group can work with your institution to initiate a dialogue program, teach about the dynamics of intergroup interaction, present the Voices of Discovery Intergroup Dialogue program model, and train participants in intergroup dialogue facilitation. 


Learning Outcomes: 1) learning how to start a dialogue program; 2) learning about the power of dialogue for promoting a positive campus climate; 3) gaining knowledge about collaboration with faculty on starting a dialogue program; 4) acquiring dialogue facilitation skills; and 5) gaining detailed information on how to start a dialogue program.

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Diversity Retreats

The LinD Group can assist institutions in designing, developing, and administering diversity and inclusion retreats. Retreat participants are exposed to social justice concepts, identity development theories, the dynamics of being an ally, inter-group conflict and cooperation practices, signs and demonstrations of oppression, techniques for developing successful cross-cultural relationships, multicultural leadership skills, and other important concepts.


Retreats take place on or off campus and consist of interactive workshops, group dialogues, cultural presentations, and other educational activities. The timeframes are either one-day or two-day retreats, and the goal is for each participant to be empowered to facilitate their own annual retreat.


Learning outcomes include the ability to: 1) organize and implement a diversity and inclusion retreat; 2) develop detailed diversity retreat curriculum; 3) enact interactive exercises for exploring diversity concepts; and 4) communicate knowledge of diversity and social justice theory and practice.