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At Visceral Change, we aim to ​center equity through critical dialogue and intentional training. We believe that a commitment to diversity is what takes equity and inclusion from an individual resource to an organizational value.

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Zachary S. Ritter was the Director of Academic and Career Services at American Jewish University, the Assistant Director of Diversity at University of Redlands, and the Interim Associate Dean for Institutional Diversity at Harvey Mudd College. Dr. Ritter received his PhD from UCLA, examining how media and socialization shapes domestic and international students' thinking around racism and classism. He has taught courses at University of Redlands and UCLA such as "From Oy Vey to Obama: A Jewish History", "The Revolution Might Be Televised: Social Justice History through Music and Movies", Intergroup Dialogue, College Student Development, College Academic Success, and Qualitative Research Methods for Humanities undergraduate and Student Affairs graduate programs. 

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