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Verna Myers, a noted speaker on diversity, posits that diversity is like being invited to a dance whereas inclusiveness is being asked to dance.

Moreover, for the dance to be successful, the ballroom (institution) may need renovating and retrofitting; the current dance instructors (i.e., faculty, staff, managers, administrators) should begin teaching new dance steps and moves to create an inclusive environment for the new dancers; and it would also be beneficial to recruit new dance instructors who embody the benefits of diversity by bringing innovative and distinct music and dance routines that lead to more creative dancing.  

In the end, a successful dance will require that ballroom leadership - presidents, owners, managers, and directors - send a powerful message signaling that diversity, inclusion, and change are critical to the viability and vitality of the institution.

The LinD Group specializes in the renovation and change of education, business, government and non-profit organizations that strive to create an inclusive culture, reap the benefits of diversity, and increase innovation and creativity. “Let’s Dance!”

Verna Myers, outstanding speaker on diversity, was the first to coin the metaphor of diversity and the dance. (